African Countries

African Countries

Among world’s 7 continents Africa is on the 2nd number in popularity as well as Africa is at the rear of Asia. The African countries have the 6 % surface area of the earth as well as it is 11.7 million square miles. It includes the adjoining islands, also, according to 2016 calculation 1.216 billion people on land Area which covers the 20 % of earth’s lands.

The African population is 16% of the world’s population, also, Mediterranean sea covers the area to the north. The Red sea as well as Isthmus of Suez piece of land which lies between the Red Sea and the Mediterranean sea to the north-east. Also, African countries are Rich with the beauty and wonders of nature. Madagascar is Also in Africa.

Also, the ocean Islands archipelagos enhance the uniqueness of the African countries.

The African Countries

African Countries

Although, in the Africa continent, there is a total of 54 counties, there are total nine territories as well as two dependant states which have no acknowledgment excluding 54 countries. The mainstream of the African countries are in Northern Hemisphere as well as a considerably large number in the southern hemisphere.

Also, the population consists of the youngest, if we compare with other countries of the world the average age according to 2012 research, was only between 19 to 20 years. The amount the African countries Algeria is the largest country because of its population, as well as Central Eastern Africa is known for the origin of man and apes.

Hence, the Discoveries in these countries show the ancient 7 million years old ancestors evidence. Also, the modern Human found in African country Ethiopia circa 2lak years back.

Cultures And Ethnicities

African Countries

The countries have a diversity of cultures, languages, as well as ethnicities. European countries occupied almost all Africa as well as in the process of decolonization, most of the states appeared.

List Of African Countries With Population And Location

Continent Africa is a beautiful place with defined borders on earth as well as encircled with seas. The Mediterranean Sea as well as the Red sea Separate Europe from Africa Continent. Southeast and East Sides are encircled by the Indian ocean, also, the Atlantic Ocean covers the West

Thus, Africa continent has 54 independent countries. A small part of Egypt is located in Asia but Egypt is a member of the African union

Also, the Biggest country among all countries in Africa is Algeria and the tiniest Is Seychelles

African counties have great tourist attraction as Morocco is on the top of the list and then Egypt, Tunisia, and South Africa

  1. Algeria
  2. Benin
  3. Botswana
  4. Burkina Faso
  5. Burundi
  6. Cabo Verde
  7. Cameroon
  8. Central African Republic (CAR)
  9. Chad
  10. Comoros
  11. Congo, the Democratic Republic of the
  12. Congo, Republic of the
  13. Cote d’Ivoire
  14. Djibouti
  15. Egypt
  16. Equatorial Guinea
  17. Eritrea
  18. Eswatini (formerly Swaziland)
  19. Ethiopia
  20. Gabon
  21. The Gambia
  22. Ghana
  23. Guinea
  24. Guinea-Bissau
  25. Kenya
  26. Lesotho
  27. Liberia
  28. Libya
  29. Madagascar
  30. Malawi
  31. Mali
  32. Mauritania
  33. Mauritius
  34. Morocco
  35. Mozambique
  36. Namibia
  37. Niger
  38. Nigeria
  39. Rwanda
  40. Sao Tome as well as Principe
  41. Senegal
  42. Seychelles
  43. Sierra Leone
  44. Somalia
  45. South Africa
  46. South Sudan
  47. Sudan
  48. Tanzania
  49. Togo
  50. Tunisia
  51. Uganda
  52. Zambia
  53. Zimbabwe
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