All About Asian Countries

All About Asian Countries

Asia is the biggest and most populated continent situated in Northern and Eastern Hemispheres. Asia shares continental landmass with Europe and Afro-Eurasia. It is 44,579,000 sq km which means it coverers about 30% of Earth’s land area. Asian Continent has been home to a huge chunk of the human population, also there are a lot of Asian countries that show signs of first human civilization.

Asia, not only known for its overly sized population, but also known for the large settlements. The Asian continent constitutes of approx., 4.5 billion people which constitutes 60% of the world’s population. Asia has 48 countries as per UN records and bounded by the Indian Ocean (South), Pacific Ocean (east) and Arctic Ocean (North).

From 1 to 1800 CE, India and China are notably the largest economies around the globe. Its legendary prosperity and wealth in ancient times personified Asia and China is a crucial economic power make a lot of investments in the East. Its culture attracted European exploration, commerce, and colonialism.

The accidental discovery by Columbus lead to transatlantic route from America to Europe, while he was searching for India, still has a great fascination.

Let’s Discuss A Few Major Countries Of Asia:

All About Asian Countries


Japan, is an island lying off in the east coast. It has a huge string of islands. In earlier times four main islands, Hokkaido, Shikoku, Kyushu and Honshu took the entire land. Honshu is the largest of all four islands.

The capital city of Japan id Tokyo located in east-central Honshu. Tokyo is said to be one of the most populated cities in the world The landscape of Japan is pretty rugged, given almost four-fifths of the land is mountains. Japan also has several dormant and active volcanoes like Mount Fuji.


India occupies a big part of South Asia. It has 29 states each state having a substantial power over its affairs and Delhi is the national capital as well as has approximately one-sixth of the world’s population which makes it the second-most populous country. Known for its incredibly diverse cultures as well as its respect for all religions and faith. 

India occupies a huge part of South Asia. India functions like a reliable self-sufficient cultural as well as political arena. This gave birth to a tradition associated with Hinduism, also, its roots can be seen back to Indus Valley Civilization.

Other religion Jainism and Buddhism were originated in India, although their involvement in India is not notably big and throughout the periods, the citizens of India developed a great notable intellectual life in almost all fields be it music, fine arts, architecture, literature, astronomy, and India.


All About Asian Countries

Asia is one of the largest continents which also consists of the world’s most populated countries India and China. Asia has everything from population to ancient civilization to tourism as well as great market sources. Some of the famous Asian countries as India, Japan, China as well as Singapore.

Asia is the birthplace of many known religions. Undoubtedly, called the most culturally diverse continent. From Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, Christianity, Judaism, Jainism, Islam as well as many more.

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