Amazing Traditions Around The World Among People of Various Culture

There are a lot of interesting facts regarding the various traditions around the world. India itself is a land of so many cultures. Different culture has its traditions and beliefs. It is exciting to observe all these varieties of traditions. Age-old customs are still prevalent in many interior places. Even in developed areas also, people are reluctant to get off their traditional approaches and beliefs. Although they create a lot of interests, sometimes, a few traditions may not be favorable for everyone. In such cases, the believers are so rigid about their customs that one single mistake or objection can hurt their sentiments.

Amazing Traditions Around The World Among People of Various Culture

Pros and Cons Of Traditions Around The World

Every system has its advantages and disadvantages. A tradition becomes prominent because of the lifestyles of the native people. It is imperative to understand the culture of the person to understand their customs. It is never advised to make fun of someone’s sentiments merely because of a tradition. Beliefs vary from person to person. Both the pros and cons of every culture should be observed and respected. Resistance or protest for a tradition often leads to social disturbances. It is better to avoid such conflicts to restore peace and harmony among different people coming from diverse backgrounds. If you travel to a different country, it is important to know the traditions of that place. In that way, the natives will welcome you in a friendly manner, even in a foreign country.

Amazing Traditions Around The World Among People of Various Culture

Certain Traditions And Customs

Some popular traditions are as under;-

In a country like Germany, people love to knock on the table to show appreciation rather than clapping. In Asian countries like China, Japan, Korea, they have a strange sign for praising one’s cooking. They use to slurp the soup loudly in appreciation. In Japan, never try to blow your nose loudly.

On the other hand, the Spanish people are amicable. They give importance to gestures and body language. So whenever you are in Spain, never forget to wish any person you come across. Not talking to strangers is a sign of ignorance for them. In India, you will find some people going hand in hand. Every time they don’t need to be in any romantic relationship, they can be friends as well.

On the contrary, showing love in public is rare in this land. If the US, UK, or Ireland is in your list for seeking jobs, never mention your personal data in your resume. They are very formal people. They recruit eligible candidates based on merit only. Reservation and discrimination are never appreciated over here. There are many other amazing facts regarding several traditions. These are mainly distinguished based on religions, geographical locations, personal cultures, family backgrounds, caste and creed, and many others. These particular cultures determine the style of living of so many people and the way they behave. Still, we should not differentiate people as at the end of the day, we are the lovely creation of God, the humans.

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