Communist Countries; Killing Hierarchy

Killing Hierarchy

Communism could be described in a way to revolt against the dictatorship in the world. Communist countries were bought into the limelight by Karl Marx. With his modern philosophical approach to demolish class system run by the hierarchy.

With the revolution movement boiling up in its seat in the early 90s; it was the Soviet Union; now called Russia which became the first state to come under the radar of Communalism led by Vlamadir Lenin. Also, Marx’s idea was to bring equality within the society where the workers declared as authority for the means of production.

Hence, this doctrine of Marx along with the rise of Lenin in St Petersburg, Russia has thrown its spell of communism to the remaining world to liberate from the clutches of the empirical state. Today we discuss the fact about the Communist Countries that snatched away powers from the dictatorship.

Wars For Land, Peace, And Bread in Communist Countries

Killing Hierarchy

Today in the list of Communist country, we have Russia, China, Vietnam, North Korea, Cuba, and Laos. The fact about the communist countries is to give equal right to the people with its slogan “worker of the world, unite!” the routed down in China, Korea, Cuba, as well as Kenya.

Due to its revolting attitude towards the change in the system. Many countries went through a number of lined up wars to gain Communism.

Another inevitable fact about the communist countries, they paid a heavy price of lives. In the name of mother earth to liberate from dictatorships bloodshed happened. Even it has brought numerous division of land within the country, thus, after the victory of USSR over Nazi Germany and Japan,

Korea, divided into Communist North occupied by the Soviet Union; the United States took care of South Korea. Pointer fact about the Communist countries, never took any account of democracy, veiled up as well as within the communism.

Most of the countries, previously the home of Communism, later shifted to the Democratic way of ruling people.


Killing Hierarchy

The data reflects that many people were on the verge to establish a state of Communism. But the loophole of communism democracy which gradually spreads and left with few communist countries; today as China, Cuba, Vietnam, North Korea.

But the scariest fact about the communist countries is the history of communism is brutal. With the mark of killing and death tolls lies between 85-100 million people around the globe. The basic fact about the communist country is that we often find these countries were isolated as well as censored from the other countries.

Countries like Albania as well as North Korea on the list who refused to avail the openness with other neighboring countries. This happened because of the fear of losing the communist rule. In the end, it looks like Communism talks about equality to avoid the conflict between the classes of people. That eventually shred millions of lives and blood to bring equality.

Communism couldn’t create a peaceful state out of a dictatorship. Rather it has slipped and found a new way of ruling the mass of a people called democracy; which has become the root around the world.

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