Countries Of The World: The Big Bad World

Countries Of The World

When we think about the tiny blue planet of our solar system called earth. It’s baffling to realize how the planet is divided into its own territories. While the concepts of territories became human nature very early in the evolution process. The first country arrived in 301 BCE. Let’s look at some countries in the world.

It was the country of San Marino, it’s one of the world’s smallest country and is considered by many to also be the oldest one. It’s located within the country of Italy. Some others argue that the first dynastic nature country is also China.

Whichever might the first county be, the idea grew fast and strong, and through the multiple world wars and decades of diplomacy, violence, and treaties, we stand at 195 countries in this world.

Out of the 195, only the Vatican and the state of Palestine is not a part of the United Nations. The United Nations unlike the league of nations have so far managed to maintain a level of understanding between multiple countries. The most number of countries on a continent is Africa with 56.

Russia, China, and the United States the biggest ones by area in the world, but China, India, and the U.S. the ones with the most population.

The 193 Countries of the World

After the British Rule started to concede, one after the other various countries started taking their independence back. Now, countries engage in trade, welfare, and foreign relations. The 193 countries also have international organizations for aid and support.

For monetary assistance, there is the IMF or the international monetary fund and the world bank. For assistance in social and treaty-related issues, the United Nations stands as an open house of diplomatic discussions. The countries are also put up on a spectrum of international influence and individual power.

With countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, Russia, China, and India in the race of becoming superpowers. The other side of the spectrum includes Ghana, Libya, and Venezuela, struggling in terms of economic and social stability.

Human Rights In Various Countries of The World

Countries Of The World

There are also consistent human rights available to people in all the countries of the world. The countries in this world are divided into the categories of under-developed, developing and developed countries. Countries are sorted into these categories basis their economy, infrastructure and per capita statistics.

So many countries now in the developing stage, even if we like to go back to that image of the blue planet; out of the 193 countries of the world; almost all of them add a significant amount of catalysts to the global warming epidemic in the world.

Countries like Switzerland, France, and Denmark, however, started to turn this around and become the greenest countries on the planet.


Countries Of The World

In conclusion, the countries have their personal goal and have a rich history of doing so, but we must create a new history by coming together to save the planet.

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