Cultures Around The World: Some Fascinating Facts

Cultures Around The World: Some Fascinating Facts

The world is full of diversities and contrasts in everything. cultures around the world are always fascinating. Every corner of the world is entirely different from the other. Be it language, people, or cultures; every part of the world has something or the other, which is fascinating to humans.

There are so many cultures, languages, traditions which are fascinating. People visit such places and see the diversity of this planet. This is the reason people take up traveling, they try to explore things that are exotic and are uncommon to the things at their part of the world.

This is a wonderful experience, and you get to learn so much about Mother Nature. There are as many as 195 countries in the world, and each of these is famous for its own culture and traditions. Many of these have been depicted in different movies and books and have captivated the imagination of people across the globe.

Some of the fascinating cultures around the world are discussed below.

Cultures Around The World: Some Fascinating Facts
Cultures Around The World: Some Fascinating Facts

Huli – Papua New Guinea

Huli is a tribe out of the many tribes of Papua New Guinea. It is considered as one of the most famous amongst all. Papua New Guinea is an island and is famous for its different tribes of people. It is home to some of the oldest tribes of humans. The Huli is a tribe of courageous and brave warriors. They are famous for the paints Huli use to paint their faces and bodies. They use bright yellow ambua to do so. It is a sacred clay according to the tribe, and they cover their bodies and faces with it.

The men of this tribe use snake skins to bind on their foreheads and hornbill beaks on their backs. Many researchers have done many researches on this tribe. It is one of the oldest tribes of the world, and so is fascinating to be read about.

Kazakhs- Kazakhstan- Cultures Around The World

The Kazakhs are nomads of Kazakhstan. They have been traveling in the mountainous terrains of the country since the fifteenth century. This tribe is the decedents of the Mongols. It is a tribe of central-Asia and still follows the traditions which are hundreds of years old. There are many traditions of this tribe; they are famous for taming horses, hunting eagles, etc.

Rabari- India- Cultures Around The World

India is a country of many cultures, traditions, and languages. One of the most famous tribes of India is the Rabari tribe. This tribe is traced to the past with its roots in Iran. They migrated to India and have roamed on the western coast. They are famous for their dresses, brass jewelry, and tattoos on their bodies.

The men of this tribe wear white turbans on their head and they have followed the tradition for many- many years.

Cultures Around The World: Some Fascinating Facts
Cultures Around The World: Some Fascinating Facts

Loba- Nepal

These are the descendants of the Mustang tribe of the forbidden kingdom of present-day Tibet. This place is an isolated land in the Himalayan Mountains, and it is one of the coldest places on the planet . The people of the tribe are followers of Buddhism and have followed Buddhist traditions since its inception. Tiji is a festival of this tribe that goes on for three days and is very famous as people from across the globe come and see the traditions of this unique tribe from the Himalayan Mountains.

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