Even The Little Details About Eu Flag Count, So Why Not Learn?

The EU Flag

Most of don’t make an effort to learn the details in a flag. Actually, there are a lot of things that you can find in an EU flag. The European flag is attractive, and you can say that it contains a lot of details by looking at it. However, if you have never made an effort to learn about it, this is time to learn!

What Do You Know About The Eu Flag?

The EU Flag

The flag symbolizes and emphasize union. The circle formed with stars and the blue sky background offers a peaceful look to the flag. There are twelve stars in the circle, and number twelve did not come up without reason. The number twelve focuses on the apostles, months in a year, labors of Hercules, son of Jacob, and many other things.

If a flag is being designed, there will be reasons for it. Even the slightest design in the flag will have a deeper meaning. Just like that, the eu flag has a lot of details and deeper meanings. The number of stars on the flag symbolizes completeness and perfection beyond anything else.

Since 1949 the Council of Europe wanted to provide a meaningful, yet understandable symbol to the public. It is important whatever the symbol, the general public should have the ability to understand, and if not, there is no point in introducing the symbol.

When the parliamentary Assembly held in 1955 on the October 25th, it was approved that the circle formed with gold stars on a background of blue sky will be the emblem of eu flag. But only on December 9th the same year, the organizing Committee of Ministers launched the flag. While Paris officially launched it on December 13th in 1955.  

The eu flag symbolizes the whole of Europe, which makes the flag exceptionally beautiful. However, when the European Parliament accepted the devised flag by the Council of Europe. Also, it was recommended that the emblem could be considered the emblem of European Communities.

They received the approval for this in 1985 in the month of June from the European Council. Therefore, in 1986, the European Union’s institutions started using the flag. These details sum up a lot about the flag, but there are more details that you have to learn about the eu flag. Continue reading to find out.

What More Can You Learn About The Symbolism Of The Eu Flag?

The EU Flag

The stars represent both education and aspiration. The color of the sun is depicted by the gold shade used in the flag. Whenever we speak about the sun, it gives the enlightenment and glory, so these are the reasons why the color gold is added to the flag.

The sky blue color on flag depicts intellect and truth, and it just serves the purpose of the flag perfectly! Another important point is that blue is the color of the Virgin Mary, which emphasizes purity. However, you will come across a lot of interpretation when you try to understand a flag.


Even if you come across a lot of definitions and interpretations, you must analyze before accepting a particular interpretation.  

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