Facts About Antarctica: 15 Interesting Ones

15 Interesting Facts About Antarctica

On the southern realm of the world lies the most mysterious and massive frozen mass of Antarctica. This enormous ice landmass stretches out, covering almost 14 million sq. Kilometers with minus degree temperatures. Such unusual conditions make life sparse except for the animals that remain accustomed to the surroundings. While the landmasses remain isolated, Antarctica is one of the most exciting places on Earth. Here are some of the facts about Antarctica

15 Fascinating Things You Need To Know About Antarctica:

1. Did you know that driest place on Earth is The Dry Valleys in Antarctica? Its low moisture and humidity content on this part of the continent doesn’t receive snow and ice. A large number of infected leaves and dust accumulates. 

2. Antarctica has almost wind speeds up to 200 miles per hour and tops the name- windiest place on Earth.

3. The most significant ice mass in the world is the Antarctic Ice Sheet, which at times, can be almost four miles thick. About 90 percent of Antarctica contains freshwater, and about 70 percent has the world’s total freshwater.

15 Interesting Facts About Antarctica
15 Interesting Facts About Antarctica

4. Most scientists worry over Antarctica Ice Sheet melt. Did you know that this meltdown would raise global sea levels by about 16 feet?

5. Antarctica’s Ross Ice Shelf encompasses more than 510,000 ices that extend off the continent’s main landmass. This is the enormous landmass to be discovered.

Some Facts About Antarctica

6. While most of Antarctica submerge in ice, it homes the Gamburtsev Mountains –the world’s biggest mountain ranges. The mountain’s peak reaches around 2,800 meters, which is one-third the size of Mount Everest.

7. Another exciting feature of Antarctica is the discovery of Lake Vostok. This freshwater lake is hidden so deep, that it remains less than 4 kilometers of frozen water. 

15 Interesting Facts About Antarctica
15 Interesting Facts About Antarctica

8. A few scientists finally discover a hidden trench somewhere in Antarctica that’s homes something similar more than Grand Canyon. This unnamed canyon came to light during an expedition in 2010.  This unnamed canyon stretches about 100 kilometers, with 9 kilometers width and a depth of 1.6 kilometers.

9. Another interesting fact is that Antarctica homes Mount Erebus – the most active volcano in the world. Also known as “lava lakes,” this magma contributes to the continent’s frigid conditions.

10. Reports state that almost 30 different countries operate nearly 80 research stations around the continent. The human during summers is said to be around 4,000 while only 1,000 during the long, harsh winters.

Some More Facts

11. The world saw the miraculous birth of Emile Marco Palma in January 1979. The birth of this boy saw the birth of the first human ever to be born in Antarctica. Since then only ten other people have been reported to be born on the continent.

12. Because of the Earth’s tilt, Antarctica sees no sun during the winter season, which means the continent, remains dark throughout.

13. Conversely, the summer months know no setting of the sun, which means Antarctica, gets more sunlight than ever.

14. In March of 2000, an ice chunk, almost in the size of Connecticut, broke off the Ross Ice Shelf.

15. An interesting fact on Antarctica is its Deep Lake. This Lake is so salty that it fails to freeze at minus 15 degrees Celsius temperatures!

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