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Facts For You

Facts For You

Technically speaking, a fact is an objective reality that is consistent and can be proven true with evidence. And since ‘facts’ is a wide term, it is often categorized into various domains. Let’s look at some facts for you.

Here are some examples to understand the various categories of facts:

1.       Linguistic Facts: A language in Africa uses five different clicking noises to make up their entire language.

2.       Cosmological Facts: Dark energy is a new substance (as well as not a new force).

3.       Historical Facts: Turkeys at some point in time were worshipped like Gods.

So, a fact can fall into any of the various categories.

Why You Should Study Facts?

Facts For You

A lot of people find it fun to open a book of encyclopedia or a website full of facts and learn their way through random facts. Whether this is done as preparation for a quiz or just to learn a bit of trivia, it is a healthy exercise for the brain.

Here Are Some Random Facts For You That Will Freshen Up The Brain:

Facts For You

1.       Charles Darwin had adopted a pet tortoise who outlived him and lived for 167 years (124 more than Charles Darwin himself).

2.       Because of dying stars, Space smells like a unique combination of diesel fuel as well as a barbecue.

3.       The hybrid of a cow and bison is called a “beefalo”

4.       You can burn up to 150 calories if you bang your head on the wall for one hour (Don’t try this!)

5.       You cannot own just one guinea pig in Switzerland. You have to own two or more. (This is because guinea pigs are social animals and can get fatally lonely if left alone).

6.       Cleopatra was Greek; not Egyptian.

7.       A blue whale’s heartbeat can be heard from two miles away. This massive animal has a massive heart.

8.       If you donate blood in Sweden, the blood donation company will text you when your blood is being put to use.

9.       The largest pyramid in the world is in Mexico and not Egypt.

10.   Only 2% of all people in the world have green eyes.


11.   The famous acronym “OMG” was not founded recently. The first time it was ever written was in a letter to Winston Churchill in 1917.

12.   The city of Chicago is not called “The windy city” due to its weather but because Chicago’s residents were considered to be “windbags” and “full of hot air” by journalists who then gave the city this name.

13.   Snakes can find out if an earthquake is coming 5 days before it actually arrives.

14.   Ketchup was given the status of a condiment only in the late 19th century. Before that, it was available as a cure for indigestion.

15.   Picasso used to carry a revolver with him, loaded with blanks. He would shoot at anyone who would ask him what his work meant.

16.   Ever wondered why most Disney characters wear gloves? This is so their animation is easier.

17.   A high school student designed the national flag of the United States of America.

Learning new facts every day will not just make one smarter but is also a ton of fun. Go ahead and get yourself a book or an online resource full of random facts. 

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