Global Poverty: 10 Facts That You Should Know

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Global poverty has become a significant problem across the world. Experts in this field are always working on finding ways to overcome this universal phenomenon. While progress in this field continues, small nations affected by natural disasters and poor governance are still living in complete poverty.

Though it is a bit difficult to eradicate poverty on the whole, specifically in the fragile nations, World Vision is of the view that there are still reasons to be hopeful. Some essential facts about universal poverty include:

Global Poverty And World Population

Approximately half of the population in this world, around 3 billion individuals are living on something even less than $2.50 per day. About 1.3 billion people live in extreme conditions of poverty, where they can make even less than $1.25 per day.

Global Poverty: 10 Facts That You Should Know
Global Poverty: 10 Facts That You Should Know

Children Suffering From Global Poverty

Approximately 1 billion kids across the world are living in complete poverty. As per reports from UNICEF, 22, 000 kids die every day because of poverty.

Food Trucks And Drives Required For Improving Conditions

Around 805 million individuals across the world do not get food to consume regularly. This is where food banks come into the picture. They can offer food to people who are not able to afford it on their own.

The general public in different nations can run food drives outside grocery and also departmental stores. This way, the oppressed people in the community have food to eat.

Global Poverty – Access To Clean Drinking Water

Not less than 750 million people across the world do not have adequate and clean drinking water. Diseases like diarrhea caused due to insufficient sanitation, hand hygiene, and drinking water kill a projected 842, 000 individuals per year universally and 2, 300 people every day.

Chronic Malnutrition Among Children

In the year 2011, around 165 million kids under the age of five were found to be underdeveloped because of severe malnutrition.

Preventable Diseases Are Taking Lives

Preventable diseases such as pneumonia and diarrhea are taking the lives of an estimated 2 million kids every year. These are kids who are unable to afford good food and also proper treatment for their diseases.

Lack Of Vaccinations And Treatments

In 2013, 21.8 million kids under age one across the world had not obtained three suggested vaccinations against tetanus, pertussis, and also diphtheria.

Global Poverty – No Electricity

¼ of the population on this planet lives without electricity. It makes 1.6 billion individuals throughout the world.

Global Poverty: 10 Facts That You Should Know
Global Poverty: 10 Facts That You Should Know

Huge Money Required For Ending Universal Poverty

If reports from Oxfam are taken into account, it will take an estimated $60 billion yearly for enduing universal poverty and also extreme cases of poverty across the world. This amount is less than 1/4th of the earnings of the top 100 wealthiest billionaires.

Statements From World Food Programmes

The programs put down that poor people across the world are hungry. Also, it is their hunger that traps them in extreme poverty. One of the essential causes behind large scale death cases taking place across the world is hunger. It kills more people than diseases like malaria, tuberculosis, and HIV/Aids.

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