How Well Have You Read Dutch Flag?

Dutch Flag

There are numerous flags in the world. But not every flag holds the meaning of it. Some of the flags do not even get the due respect they should get. However, flags are something interesting to study and gather details. If you have never done this before, this is time for you to start learning about the dutch flag.

You can start with the dutch flag because it is interesting when compared to other flags. The Netherlands holds rights to the flag, so it is their national flag. There is an interesting history for the flag, yet the flag stands for boldness, and the flag symbolizes it. The red, white, and blue tricolor horizontal lines can be seen on governmental buildings in Holland.

The public places and Dutch households will have the dutch flag during special occasions, national holidays, and other important days. These are some of the interesting facts about the flag, and there are more facts to learn.

The History Of The Flag In Detail

Dutch Flag

Initially, the dutch flag did not have these colors; instead of red, it had orange. That was considered the Prince’s flag and used during the Dutch Revolt. William I, Prince of Orange, was the rebel who led the eighty years war. This variation was present on the flag until the war ended and it was then, replaced by red.

Only in 1973 the current flag was introduced by the royals and considered it official. The current flag wasn’t replaced only by red, but also with a deeper blue which is called as cobalt blue. Therefore, two changes have been made to the flag after the war ended.

But do you know the reasons why these colors were incorporated to the flag, instead of any other colors? The William I, Prince of Orange, selected orange, blue, and white so that he can reflect ancestral territory of his region. In 1574 the soldiers wore the colors orange, blue, and white. This could have been another reason for the adoption of these colors.

The Colors

Even though the current flag doesn’t have orange, the Dutch aren’t ready to overcome their obsession for orange, so they continue to adore orange. You might witness how cities in Holland turn orange when it’s King’s birthday. Even soccer fans don’t forget to showcase their orange obsession.

The reason why orange was turned into the red on the dutch flag is still a mystery. It was changed after the war, and there had not been a clear reason as if to why it changed red. But there are anecdotes and theories related to this change. If you want to find out why you must dig into those anecdotes and theories.

However, most historians assume that it was because of 1654 English-Dutch defense treaty. The treaty did not allow House of Orange members to become the head of state. But some others believe, it could have been because orange would fade into the red with time.

There are assumptions and ideas, and you have to keep looking for the reason why red was introduced to the dutch flag.


Dutch Flag

So you see learning details about different flags is always fun and interesting. Specifically, the dutch flag has a lot of interesting details, some of them which we have mentioned above.

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