Interesting facts

Interesting facts

Interesting facts are good addition out of the bulk of books and research material and you can get you piece of knowledge in short form. We always think of some questions which seem to us have no answers. And question like how many hair humans have on his head ? or the number of snakes would be in the world .? the number of stars is in the sky?

How a bird flies in the air .some questions defiantly have no answer because of the infinity but to some extent, we have all the answers in shape of interesting facts.

Let’s Read The Interesting facts

Interesting facts
  • What is the Scientific term for brain freeze? It is called  “sphenopalatine ganglion neuralgia” in scientific language.
  • Because people in Canada say Sorry so much that they made law in 2009 which proclaimed that an apology cant be used as a proof of guilt
  • In the age of Dinosaurs, there used to be volcanoes that their explode could reach to the moon
  • J & Q are the letters which don’t show on the periodic table
  • The sign of intelligent people is that they get annoyed easily but they do not involve into meaningless confrontations
  • The offspring of a polar bear and Grizzly bear is called “Pizzy Bear”
  • There are 2 chatbots facebook created for communication with each other,  but when they chat in their own language it shut down
  • In 2006 A COCA-COLA employee tried to offer COCA Cola recipe to Pepsi. But Pepsi informed coca-cola right away
  • The dialogue in the famous movie by Leonardo Decaprio “I am king of the world” is was not in the script but spontaneous
  • One stand of the spaghetti is called “spaghetto”
  • To Rehabilitate Fukashima Japan is using Sunflowers because it is found that sunflowers can clean the soil from radioactive
  • Leaving a party with telling anyone is called “ A French Exit” in English and in French, it is Called “partir à l’anglaise” which means to leave like an English.

Some More

Interesting facts
  • There is 25 years jail penalty if you cut cactus in Arizona
  • The actual Buddha was skinny and totally different from the sculptures
  • There is an old volcano in the united states of America. and last time it exploded when pyramids in Egypt were being built.
  • The snow white and the seven Dwarves was the first movie with motion pictures
  • The remote signals decreases if you point out your car keys towards your head because they act as a radio transmitter
  • A jockey suffered a heart attack and died during the race in 1923 but his horse finished and won the race and made him the one and only jockey who won the race after dying
  • Baby panda looks alike mouse when he born.
  • A 15-year old built world’s largest piano in NEW ZEALAND
  • There is no railway system in Iceland
  • In a rocky mountain, There is a chest of the treasure hid by an art dealer and author. It is still not discovered
  • The world’s largest prime numbers contain 17,425,170. The new prime number formula is 2 multiply by 2 57,885,161 times and minus one
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