Know The Interesting facts About The World

Know The Interesting facts About The World

To start with, you will be amazed to know that the World has two hundred countries in total. Having a population of up to eight billion, the world is full of interesting people and fascinating places and views to roam around. Somewhere you will find the snow-covered lands, and at some places, people haven’t seen the snow in their area. Beautiful wildlife and water species all together make the fascinating World. You will find various interesting facts about Nicaragua; you will have two same colour flag here. To know more interesting facts about the World, you need to go through the article

Know The Interesting facts About The World
Know The Interesting facts About The World

Interesting Facts

Here you go with the list of interesting facts that will amuse you.

No Coca Cola In North Korea

North Korea and Cuba are the two places in the world that do not supply coca-cola. You will get it everywhere except in these two places. The people here don’t know what these drinks are. Strange, isn’t it?

Know The Interesting facts About The World
Know The Interesting facts About The World

Los Angeles: World

Do you know one Interesting fact about Los Angeles? It is the largest cover area on earth, as it can support all the population of the World. The reason is the population is almost eight billion and the area covered by the city is five hundred square miles. If the population of the World stand hand in hand with each other, then it can fit in this country.

Twin population: World

You will be amazed to know that the is an increasing rate of twins in the World. Earlier there were only one twin baby was born in comparison to the other aids the percentage slowly increases to two per cent. Now there are thirty babies born as compared to the other babies. The reason can be changing technology, the ladies by their own will, with the help of doctors, keep two babies in their womb. This lead to an increase in the twin populations in the World.

The Hottest Chilli Peper Can Kill You: World

The spice lovers, dare not eat the HoTtest chilly pepper, it is so spicy that it can end your life too. It can burn your airways and lead to your death too. It was earlier in use at the clinic as the slow anaesthesia. You dare not use at home. However, a little bit of taste can cause your problem.

France Visitors

France is the best tourist place. You get to see the beautiful countryside, with delicious cuisine. The delightful wines and fantasy romance takes away the heart of the people. This French country welcomes almost eighty-six million visitors in the year. Then in the line is United states, china and Italy that attract several tourists at their destination. They welcome tourist with delightful cuisine and beautiful locations.

Indonesia Have Shortest People 

You will get amazed to know that Indonesia has some of the shortest people. Every country has short and long people, but Indonesia has very short people, as compared to other countries. Visit the place to know more about it.

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