Most Populated Countries

Most Populated Countries

There are a number of Countries in the World where the excessive population is a major problem. Excessive population somewhere down-the-line is a symbol of an unhealthy economy. Let’s learn about the world’s most populated countries.

The Top Ten Countries With An Exceedingly High Population: –

Most Populated Countries
  1. Republic of China
  2. Republic of India
  3. The United States of America
  4. Indonesia
  5. Brazil
  6. Pakistan
  7. Nigeria
  8. Bangladesh
  9. Russia
  10. Mexico

China – Most Populated

As it is clearly visible from the above-mentioned list that the Republic of China is the most populous country in the world with an approximate population of 138.64 crores and is expected to reach 150 crores very soon keeps on increasing at the same level.

On the second rank comes the Republic of India with a population of about 130 crores. The population of the United States of America is 33 crores. The Indonesian population stands at 26.5crores. The population of Brazil is more than that of Pakistan but less than that of Indonesia and is approximately twenty-one crores.

Many a time we assume that Countries with a high rate of the population usually do not perform that well when it comes to their overall categorization in terms of developed, underdeveloped and developing Nations. But as of now, this stigmatized fact too is turning out to be wrong.

Where China and India are playing a great role in establishing the fact that population can not a hurdle in the growth and development of the Country. Both India and China are one of those Countries who started from scratch in the midst of the 19thcentury but are now a perfect example of the story of zero to hero.

Rate Of Resource Exploitation

Most Populated Countries

On the very other than to is a well-established fact that most populated Countries of the World somewhere face certain troubles, if not in the present then expectedly in the future.

Maybe the rate of resource exploitation part would be very high in the most populated countries of the world. Rate of resource exploitation is expected to be kept as low as possible because it is one of those measures that the present generation takes for the future one.

As it is very truly said that every coin has two facets, and so is the case with the most populated countries of the world. The upshot with the most populous of Countries is the workforce. That means the presence of as much powerful minds as the population.

World’s most powerful Countries can make efficient as well as better use of whatever the resources are available to them. They are well -equipped with the rarest of rarest virtues that is resourcefulness that is better known as “jugaad”.


In China, the most populous country in the world, the major population is in the eastern half of the country. Whereas in India, the major population is located in the northern part of the country.

The best part about the most populous countries is that they are mainly very rich in cultural diversity just like India.

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