Richest Countries In The World

Richest Countries In The World

What is the general myth amongst the people when they think about the richest country in the world? They’ll be surprised to know that the small low populated countries are the richest like Luxembourg, Kuwait, and Brunei. This article will explain the top richest countries in the world. 

Richest Countries In The World


Each Qatari citizen lost around $15000 since the hydrocarbon dropped in 2014. And yet the country’s total GDP per person is said to be above, $134,000. Qatar’s population is so small and their petrochemical, oil and gas reserves are so large just 2.7 million that it has been on the top of the richest nations list for 20 continuous years.

This achievement gets huge as we know that Saudi Arabia has imposed a blockade at Qatar in 2017, and yet Qatar is the richest country in the world.


As per Asia’s gambling capital, many bets are being put on Macao, that soon it will climb at the top of the richest nation’s list and become the richest country in the world.

Macao has been a colony of the Portuguese Empire but things changed when the gaming industry was liberalized in 2001 since then the public republic of china has only climbed the ladder of wealth at a great speed.

Macao’s population is around 600,000 and there are more than 40 casinos in 30 sq km, this land of wealth in the south of Hong Kong literally works like a money-making machine.


People visit Luxembourg for the castles, architectures, history and beautiful countryside or gastronomic specialities. Either that or one can open an offshore account through banks and voila don’t set your foot again there. Luxembourg is situated at the heart of Europe, with a low population and high amount of things to offer not just the citizens but the tourists too.

They use a huge share of the country’s wealth on education, medical care and better housing. Also, it was remarkable to see around the world financial crisis along with the immense pressure put by the EU to decrease the bank secrecy had a very little impact on their economy.

The country topped the $100,000 mark in 2015 for per capita GDP, haven’t looked back since then.


According to the IMF, Singapore’s GDP grew in 2017 until $86,000 from 2016, and it reached around $89,000 in 2019, and it is said that they will climb the ladder at least till 2024 when the GDP is expected to hype till $99,000. Singapore was not a blessed country in 1965 when it got independence half of its population was illiterate.

They didn’t have the luxury of exploiting Natural Resources, but with the smart policies and hard work today they are a business hub. Today Singapore is flourished with finances, manufacturing and trade and 96% of its adult population is literate.


Richest Countries In The World

It’s a big-time myth that bigger the country richer the country. It doesn’t work like that in reality. Small countries are not only the richest country in the world they are also said to be the happiest countries around the globe. And this are the small countries that make real efforts to save the environment and their citizens.

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