Steps To Make Solar System Bracelet

Steps To Make Solar System Bracelet

Most women and men like to accessorize their outfits with beautiful bracelets. However, you can get many designs, styles, models, and colors. Have you ever seen the solar system bracelet? If not, make your design of your solar system bracelet with 3D print.

Steps To Make Your 3D Printed Solar System Bracelet

Step- 1: Get The Things You need

  • Tinkercad
  • 3D printing serve
  • Nail polish
  • Colored nail polishes
  • Head prin
  • Unfinished chain
  • Jump rings
  • Beads
  • Claw clasps
  • Pliers for making solar system bracelet

Step- 2: Building A Solar System

Steps To Make Solar System Bracelet
Steps To Make Solar System Bracelet

Initially, you better look at the designs of the solar system and how it looks. Besides, get the sketch of the solar system and the sizes of all the planets. Also, you can get more designs when you are making and prefer the best solar system for your bracelet.

Step- 3: Tinker Cad

Have you ever tried any design on the tinker cad? If not, initially, you need to register yourself for free. However, it is easy to use and to get the instructions. Ensure that you learned some tutorials of basics while making your bracelet. It is because it will be easy to do, and you can get the best bracelet for yourself. Then again, make this bracelet by adjusting the shapes and take the diameter of 25mm.

Step- 4: Turn The Sphere Into A Link

Make a channel through the dome by using the tube shape. Then again, make it 2 to 3 mm so that a jump rings can go through.

Step- 5: Scale And Repeat It

When you have your first dome with holes, get back to the sketch and know the diameter of other planets. Repeat the process until you complete with all of the planets for your bracelet. However, you can get eight different sizes of the beads for your bracelet.

Steps To Make Solar System Bracelet
Steps To Make Solar System Bracelet

Step- 6: The Rings For The Planets Of Saturn And Uranus

It would help if you made rings for the planets of Saturn and Uranus. For adding rings, you need to get the round roof shape. Then again, make it fit on the dome and compress the width according to it. However, you need to adjust the ring as it needs to look beautiful. Moreover, don’t make the rings too large as it can look messy.

Step- 7: Order It

Now, you need to order the print and wait for it.

Step- 8: Unboxing The Solar System Beads

Now, line up the planets and run a wire through the holes of the domes.

Step- 9: Organize The Planets And Prepare The Links

Make sure you have all the sizes and circularly prepare the solar system.

Step- 10: Color Your Planets

We are using nail polishes to color out solar system beads. It is because it looks colorful and attractive when compared to color sketches and paintings.

Step- 11: Paint The Planets And Add Jump Rings

Paint your planets for your bracelet. Then again, add jump rings, and also ensure that paint is dried up before adding rings. Work on the rings and run through the dome holes.

Step- 12: Now, Assemble The Planets For Solar System Bracelet

After adding up the rings, make sure to add the links with each other. Moreover, assemble all the planets to make the bracelet.

Steps To Make Solar System Bracelet
Steps To Make Solar System Bracelet

Step- 13: Add Extending, If Needed

You can add extenders at the end of the planet, that is Pluto. After adding the extension, you can add a clasp.

Step- 14: Your Solar System Bracelet Is Ready

Now, your bracelet is ready to wear.

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