Terrorist Targets, Therefore It Is Better To Learn The Paths To Avoid Problems 

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Terrorist Targets the people and country. After that, they inflict a notion of fear to the whole genre of civil humans; however, the government of every country is looking forward to making this nation free from very anti-social activity. However, the terrorist re not stopping to think once. Which might help you to gather some knowledge on this specific genre of human beings-

Terrorist Targets, Therefore It is Better To Learn The Paths To Avoid Problems 
Terrorist Targets, Therefore It is Better To Learn The Paths To Avoid Problems 

Terrorist Targets: The Notion Of Achieving Something

It depends on what the terrorists want to achieve:

To create fear in the general population, they can attack any civilian target; if you’re going to create more fear, than you can attack a school or a hospital. Or take a knife an attack people on the street blow up a bus or place a bomb at the finish line of a marathon race (Boston).

To state a political statement – attack a symbol of the country or a political figure

Like the assignation of Lord Mountbatten by Iris terrorists.

To protest wrongdoing hit the offending group. Like the Charlie Hebdo shooting because of a caricature of Mohammad

Put fear in the Armed/Laws enforcement forces attaching a Military or Law Enforcement personal or targets.

To gain a concession or a prisoner release – when you attack and capture hostages to obtain concessions or release of prisoners.

Like the 1976 Airplane Hijacking of Air France to Entebbe.

The Strategies to Work On The Terrorist Attacks

Here are four levels between planning and final execution of a terrorist attack-strategic, organizational, tactical and operational

Strategic: It is the highest level at which the political leadership of the country authorizes its agency (CIA/Mossad/ISI/Raw) to carry out the terrorist activities in any particular country or the region in furtherance of the objectives set out to safeguard its national interest. However, it only gives broad outlines regarding the extent of damage to be expected (no civilian aircraft to be targeted/minimum civilian collateral damage/ only military installation/ personal to be targeted, etc.). The agency does the rest of strategic thinking. And also even preliminary planning, either at its headquarter or at their regional offices. Although once assigned, it is the agency that is responsible for its implementation. Also, express approval of the head of state is necessary for the assassination of a politically significant person-Osama bin Laden

Organizational: Here, the agency selects a key person, the mastermind, invariably on its payroll to carry out the mission. Think Raymond Davis-he got the task of penetrating the Taliban for taking out their leadership through drone attacks-full marks to this guy for successful penetration of the top leadership. He has almost unlimited resources at his disposal for spending on intelligence gathering. And after that recruitment of persons to do the dirty job.

Terrorist Targets, Therefore It is Better To Learn The Paths To Avoid Problems 
Terrorist Targets, Therefore It is Better To Learn The Paths To Avoid Problems 

Some Points To Keep In Mind

Tactical: Here, the handlers for various operations are selected by the mastermind from the local population and are given one assignment at a time. Although all the handlers report to the mastermind, no one is aware of the other handler in any other region or even in his area of operation. They get paid on cost+ basis i.e., not only their operational expenses are borne by the mastermind, but he/she got reward irrespective of the success or failure of the operation. It is the mastermind who decides the more delicate details regarding target, place, time and procedure

Operational; These guys are the cannon fodder recruited by the handlers. But vetted by the mastermind. They get paid handsomely. Yet their motive to carry out the operation at the risk of their lives is always to do with emotions-religion, race, or revenge. The most unfortunate part is that whether they succeed or fail. They had to-die-for which an assassination squad under the direct command of the mastermind accompanies them. And after that ensures that they die soon after the operation

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