The EU Flag

The EU Flag

The flag of the European Union is better called as the flag of Europe. The flag of Europe was adopted by the Council of Europe (COE) as a symbol for the whole of Europe. Since the whole of Europe is closely connected with each of the neighboring countries, the political and economic relations of the same stay in close interest.

Some Interesting Facts About The EU Flag

The EU Flag

 1) The flag is known by various names like European flag, Flag of Europe, Flag of the Council of Europe, Flag of the European Union, etc.

2) The proportion in which the flag is set is 2:3.

3)Though the flag was adopted on 8 December 1955 it officially came to power on 29 June 1985.

4) The design of the flag was proposed by Arsene Heitz and Paul M G levy.

5) It consists of twelve five printed stars on a blue (azure) background.

The stars depicted on the flag symbolize aspiration and education. The golden color symbolizes glory and enlightenment. The circular arrangement of stars represents the constellation Corona Borealis. The blue background, undoubtedly, symbolizes the sky along with the Supreme truth and the intellect.

Respect The EU Flag

The EU Flag

Just like the national flag of each of the Countries of Europe, all the members of the European Union must respect the flag of the European Union. The flag of the European Union is not just a flag but a paradigm and the prefect resemblance of unity in diversity.

The twenty-eight countries of the whole of the European Union are the one who bears the flag with a lot of respect and obeisance towards it.

But somewhere, out of no question certain dark realities start to come into the worldly panoramic view. And that is the matter of Brexit, in which Britain is adamant on leaving the European Union for goods. Britain wanted to be independent of all the rules and regulations of the EU.

Nowadays the flag of the European Union has literally become a trend amongst the youngsters and children. They look at the print to wear on their outfits, their shoes, and other accessories.

The Twelve Stars

A number of times some curious personalities come up with a question that why there are only twelve stars in the flag of the European Union. The answer to this question is that the number twelve is a sign of completeness and perfection many traditions. And as a result of twelve stars.

Also, there is a very big myth amongst the people that the twelve stars represent the member countries, in order to clear, it is very necessary to jot down that it is definitely not like that. The twelve stars represent harmony, austerity, unity and a lot of respect for each other’s differences.

Somewhere we all need something to represent a group and when it comes to a group as big as the whole of Europe, then it comes to an obligation. This was all about the flag of the European Union and the various aspects of it.

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