The Largest Country In The World: Discover The Real Russia

The Largest Country In The World

The largest country in the world falls on not one but two continents, has 9 time zones, shares its border with 14 countries and is almost as big as Pluto. That’s right, it’s Russia. It was a tough guess anyway. With over 17 million square kilometers of area, Russia has around 20% of the earth’s terrestrial area. It is also home to the world’s longest railway built.

Owing to its large size, Russia has all kinds of landscaped and all kinds of climate. Russia is also famous for having beautiful nature and wildlife. Russia has a rich history of war, communism, rebellions and scientific events. Previously known as the USSR, the largest country in the world was first operated on Communist ideologies.

With famous. Marxist figures like Lenin and Stalin, the state was run by the communist leaders for nearly 70 years. Russia was then known as the Soviet Union, which ended in the year 1991. It also happens to be the first country to launch a satellite in space, the world-famous Sputnik.

Russia – The Largest Country

After the end of the Soviet Union in 1991, the largest country in the world went for economic and social stability, primarily under their current president Vladimir Putin. Getting the spot of the twelfth largest GDP with the help of the largest accumulation of mineral resources and fossil fuels. It stands as the largest exporter of natural gas in the world.

Russia was in the race to the moon, against the United State, having launched the first satellite, the first unmanned vehicle in space, the first unmanned vehicle at the moon, etc, it finally lost to the US when Neil Armstrong and his team placed their feet on the surface of the moon.

Russia since then has taken a slow but firm path to becoming a global superpower. With the growth in tourism and development, it is expected to reach that goal by the year 2025.

Art And Architecture Of Russia

The architecture of Russia is primarily byzantine in style, getting influences for early Jerusalem and Palestine. Tourism in Russia saw a huge spike after the end of the Soviet era, with cities like Moscow, St. Petersburg and Sochi developing at pace, a tourist from all around the world come to visit the largest country in the world, far more often now.

The government has also tried to increase tourism in the country by hosting big sports events in the country, most notably the 2018 FIFA World Cup. Russia not only hosted the event but also performed decently well during the championship. Russia is also home to 26 of the UNESCO world heritage sites.

Amongst all this, Russia is also known for its literature as Russia was home to the greats like Tolstoy and Chekhov. Russia is a dream come true for all literature lovers out there.


The Largest Country In The World

In conclusion, with Russia’s long history of unrest and political limitations, the largest country in the world has been left undiscovered by the outside world. With surreal sceneries and great vacation spots, maybe it’s time that the world gives this country another chance. It is the heritage and variety of this country, that truly makes it, the largest country in the world. 

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