The Smallest Country In The World - The Smallest Country In The World

The Smallest Country In The World

The Smallest Country In The World

How big must a country be, be a country? Apparently, not very. Vatican City is the world’s smallest country encapsulated within the boundaries of Rome, in Italy. It’s a completely independent and sovereign state run by the Holy See. The Vatican City is also the headquarters for all of Christianity. 

With the area of only 110 acres, Vatican City is not a country you can plan a road trip in. The population of the entire country is roughly 1000 people. It’s the smallest country in the world by area and population. The Pope of Christianity is also the head of state for Vatican City.

The current pope of the country is Pope Francis, born in Argentine became the official pope of Vatican City on 13th March 2013. Vatican’s defense and security by the armed forces of Italy as well, it’s almost like the country of Italy protects and nurtures the country of Vatican, and takes pride in doing so. 

Vatican City also happens to be one of the most beautiful countries on the planet. With architecture inspired by the renaissance and countless museums and churches dedicated to the rich history of the country, the place has truly become a vacation destination.

The smallest country in the world also happens to attract one of the biggest inflows of tourists every year. For instance, Saint Peter’s

The basilica is a testament to some of the greatest architects of all time including the great Michelangelo, Maderno, and Bernini. And who doesn’t know about the surreal ceiling paintings of the Sistine Chapel, done by Michelangelo? The ceiling painting, also known as “The Last Judgement” one of the most famous works of art in the world.  


The Smallest Country In The World

The citizenship of the Vatican is a bit tricky though, the only real citizens of the Vatican are either clergy or nuns, the entire state revolves around the idea of Christianity and the welfare and future of it. It’s almost impossible to get a citizenship of the Vatican otherwise, which definitely makes it a place not to settle down in.

But as far as a quick vacation considers, we have only a few better options. After all how many countries can you cover entirely within a week?


The Smallest Country In The World

In conclusion, the world’s smallest country has a lot more than its size to offer. It is also home to the biggest church in the world, St. Peter’s Basilica. Its income literally comes from the over 1 billion Roman Catholics, around the globe. Also with beautiful sceneries and surreal architecture surrounding you in this city, this is a vacation destination like no other. Quite literally.

It’s interesting to see that when a country develops in such a small area, while it renders itself ineligible for military, trade and foreign relations, some things that it does better than any other country, like architecture, crime control and preservation of history. When it comes to beauty per sq. area, it is by no means, the smallest country in the world.

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