Union Jack

Union Jack

The investigation and study of history made argue that the union jack is only for the navel usage is now doubtful. In 1606 the Flag represented Great Britain. The Union Jack flag was made to represent the unity among the three countries England, Ireland, and Scotland.

The Flag of England with a red cross and white background, dedicated to St George’s cross, therefore, Scotland flag a white satire on a blue background known as  St Andrew’s cross and both flag bond together and form a flag of England and Scotland navel purposes. King James referred the  “kingdom of great Britain but the union kept separate.

In 1801 the present design of the flag announced on the union of Great Britain and Ireland.

The flag shows the aspects of three old flags. The white for St Andrew for Scotland, Red for St George which is the kingdom of England and red  diagonal cross for St Patrick for Ireland

 Wales And Union Flag

Union Jack

The wales or welsh does not embody independently in the Union flag as the flag designed after the attack of welsh in 1282. The welsh means the Celtic nation with welsh culture language and history. A country where the majority of citizens are British. Therefore, Welsh considers as the home country of Welsh and it appears under the red cross which represents St George England.

The welsh doesn’t show on the flag as a dragon because every first flag designed back in the 1606 and Welsh united with England since the 13th century. That is why the welsh was dynasty instead of a country to include.

Union Flag Or Union Jack?

Union Jack

The union jack uses only when the flag is on the ship or in navel matters. The union jack or the Union flag, known as the Britain flag in the 16th century. The red cross added for St cross George England and blue Diagonal cross for St Andrew for Scotland. The name first used in 1625 and in 1801 union jack, adjusted to add in the cross of Ireland

Two Flags

 There is only 1 flag of England with the red cross and white background. The United Kingdome has its own flag called union “Jack”. People usually get confused about this. the Union Jack is to show the unity among the nations like England, welsh, Scotland, Ireland


Why the flag is called jack? because in the mid-16th-century card was familiar as a royal servant, “ A male royal servant “ The knave card used to be called Jack and was used for the low classes.

Flying Union Jack In The United Kingdom

Flying the union jack in England allows but under particular conditions.

The Government presented the law for flying the union jack with more freedom in 2012.

The law applies to other flags too. In the areas of England. The flag shows unity among different nations and reflects different signs to represent them.

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