What Is The Importance Of Flag And Banners?

What Is The Importance Of Flag And Banners?

Flags and banners are something you see almost every day. People across ages and nations have used them. Flags usually carry distinct meanings; some represent while some for decoration. Flags and banners stand as a means of identification. In older days., vexilloids – metal or wood were used to make flags. Later, they started with printed cloth. The cloth carries immense value and, if disrespected, could land you in prisons in individual nations. Ever wondered why the simple piece of cloth takes so much value? Here is a small essential guide on banners and flags, also the importance they hold.

What Is The Importance Of Flag And Banners?
What Is The Importance Of Flag And Banners?


A flag is a rectangular shaped piece of cloth. It usually carries different symbolic relevance. We see flags used as an identification of a nation or a community. In the earlier days, warfare used flags. They stood as points of leading and winning. The idea of using flags originated in China. Flags convey messages and evoke distinct feelings through colors or symbols. They can depict pangs of anger, victory, or represent universal respect to a martyred individual. A flag might be a piece of cloth for some, but wrapped in varied emotions for many!

Types Of Flag

Flags all may look similar in size, but they have different types. Here are some famous types of flags –

  • Civil Flags – Flags used by civilians.
  • Ethnic Flags – Flag representing an ethnic group.
  • Maritime Flags – Flags used for naval purposes – ships, boats, and other watercraft.
  • National Flags – These flags usually represent a country. This type is the most commonly used type of flag.
  • Racing Flags- Flags used in racing.
  • Service Flags – Flags displayed by family members of those working in the US Military Force.
  • War Flags – Flags used in wars – military flags, battle flags, etc..

These are the few major types of commonly used flags.

What Are Banners?

Banners fall under the category of flags. They usually carry a symbol or logo on it. Unlike flags, banners are square-shaped and depict messages or advertisements. Rallies, churches, or stores used banners. In ancient times, banners were used to represent the ranks of kings and nobles. They were designed bright and colorful to attract the viewers. Banner-making is also an ancient form of craft making. In Christianity, they use it as a form of praise and worship for a saint. There are different types of banners – heraldic banners, trade union banners, Christian banners, sports banners, advertising banners, etc. are some known types.

What Is The Importance Of Flag And Banners?
What Is The Importance Of Flag And Banners?

Importance Of Flags And Banners

Flags and banners are a vital element of representation. National Flags evoke a sense of patriotism and belonging to our nation. They also arouse a sense of pride and joy. In the present day, flags are a factor of identifying your origin against other countries. However, other flags are used to depict symbols of violence, peace, fear, and war – white represents peace, red for danger, etc. We also see flags used to serve communities and ethnic groups. We can conclude that flags and banners are significant! Banners and flags look like a mere piece of cloth. However, they carry profound, passionate relevance.

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