Why Mosquitoes Target Certain People: Reasons And Remedies

The answer to why mosquitoes target certain people is Diet! I have worked tree planting while hungover. What a miserable day while you sweat out the juice, you also get targeted by Skitters! If you are working hard and spending a lot of CO 2, you also have a big high target on you that yells “ Skitters Eat Here”!!

Why Mosquitoes Target Certain People: Reasons And Remedies
Why Mosquitoes Target Certain People: Reasons And Remedies

Tricks To Stay Away From Mosquitoes

The method is all about mind over matter! If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter!

But, seriously, if you can “zen-out” in the bush, keep calm, move slow, don’t slap at skitters. *it brings the blood to your skin surface and attracts them more! Also, scratching does the same thing. Never Scratch. Ever!

Only wipe the mosquitoes off your skin slowly. Do not get animated and excited, goes a long, long way to keeping them off you! AGAIN; think Zen!

I have fallen asleep on a plastic tarp out in the open. And the light reflection keeps the mosquitoes off you confuse the shit out of the infrared vision!

Do not wear dark-colored clothes, Not red or Blue!! White is right. But it then attracts black flies and horse flies, deer flies, and Moose flies (*thems the large ones in Northern Canada. They take a chunk of you and sit on a stump. Now they eat it in front). So it depends where you are! Moreover, Light brown or green and khaki are good. And redheads and very fair-skinned people always get it worse!! A guy can leave beard stubble on, and shave your head and leave stubble. Additionally, It helps poke the little bastards back!

Why Mosquitoes Target Certain People: Reasons And Remedies
Why Mosquitoes Target Certain People: Reasons And Remedies

Think If You Are Doing The Following Before Asking Why Mosquitoes Target Certain People

Eat lots of citruses, and save the peels and put them in your hat/pockets! Garlic is your friend! Garlic tablets work at keeping flies and pesky girls away! Vitamin B also helps. A little. No perfumey smells, and natural underarm deodorant, and unscented laundry detergent is best for clothing.

But dope; citronella is ok and smells good, but Deet is Da Bomb!! We used to use Muskol (*was 90 percent Deet), that would take the paint off of pencils and melt the plastic in hard hats! Was great at keeping all flies away. But healthy?? Don’t think so!

Bug jackets and head netting are the best in swampy and other wet areas. I was sitting for lunch while tree planting with my crew, and we were arguing which bug repellent was the best. When a more traditional French-Canadian-guy showed up, and said, Da best bug dope is friggen snow! After over 35 years of working in the bush of Northern Ontario, I know he was right!

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