World Facts

World Facts

The world is full of unique and different bizarre or beautiful things. So knowing about the facts can be fun. We live in this world but it can be more interesting if start noticing the small details and understand what is happening around. World facts are an interesting thing to know.

Let’s Know The World Facts 

World Facts
  • Who can live without a head, yes a cockroach can live for weeks without its head.
  • The middle finger of Galileo Galilei’s is preserved in the museum of science in Florence
  • The topmost sold product in human history is Rubik’s cubes, harry potter books and  iPhone 
  • Mona Lisa was not female
  • We all know senses like smell, sight, touch there is another sense which is called proprioception which mean awareness of the position of body parts 

Some Facts About Countries

World Facts
  • 5% of the Brazil population lives in Rio. This is the home of 70 % models 
  • Banana grows downwards that is why it has a curved shape
  • In the replacement of SOS mayday is a word used in radio chat
  • Bruce and Jackie’s chin was the inspiration behind the Pokémon characters Hitmonlee as well as Hitmonchan

Facts About Bees

  • Interesting Spanish word esposas mean wives as well as handcuffs both what a funny fact.
  • Larry is the name of the Bluebird on twitter. Creators of social media named this website after basketball player Larry bird
  • There are Giant bees on the mountains of Nepal in the forest .their length is 1.1 inches.
  • The special honey of these bees can cause hallucinations 

Few Fun World Facts

  • When you lose weight your fat cells shrinks but never disappear .they remain the same 
  • In Japan, there are some traffic lights in blue color instead of green because there is historical proof that both colors had the same names
  • There are 99% Microbes in the human body that science doesn’t know.
  • The Albert Einstein spoke the last word to a nurse who didn’t know the German language that is why we still don’t know what was the last message Albert Einstein gave.
  • If we compare the regular cut with prepare cut then a paper cut is more hurting. 
  • In 2011, Japan was suffered from earthquake then North Korea step up and give $500,000 donation to the sufferings.
  • June 2017 when Salvador Dali’s body was exhumed surprisingly, his mustache was the same as the day he has died.
  • By clicking mouse button 10 million times will help you reduce one calorie.
  • American composer and pianist Earl Wild gave his first concert in 1939, which was later broadcast on television after 58 years, his performance becomes the first online internet concert.
  • Fun fact about ice cube is if you freeze it with tap water they will become white, but if you try boiled water they will become transparent.
  • The most popular name of china is Van Lee as well as Zhang which are in use of 21% of the entire population.
  • Ultraviolet flashes scare animals that’s why they avoid power lines, expect humans and mammals are the only species in the world who cannot see these ultraviolet rays.
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